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Imagine you're on your way home after a long day at work.

You arrive the end of a traffic jam. No forwards. No backwards. No movement at all. You are stuck. Your navigation system says you will arrive home one hour later.


You make the best of this situation and call a friend. During the conversation, you glance out of the window. In the far distance, you glance people between the cars. Some are strolling in your direction.


After 5 minutes you end the phone call and think about who else you could call. You scroll through your contact list and dial a new number. It rings. You wait.


From the corner of your eye, you notice a man walking past your car from the front left. You don't heed him any further. After briefly checking the passenger seat you watch out the windshield again.

To the left of you, it is suddenly darker than a moment ago.


You realize that someone is standing next to you.

You focus the silver zipper of his black leather jacket. It is so close that it almost touches your car's paint.


The man's right hand moves up and opens the zipper. The open jacket hits your car. He takes something out of the jacket. 


A gun aims at you.

With his gun, he knocks gently against your window and suggests lowering the window.

You hesitate.

He knocks again. This time with more weight.

Your hand moves in slow motion to the window button.

The window whirrs down too fast.

The smell of the leather jacket appears in your nose.


Your pulse is flashing.

He bends down and a face with a three-day beard and deep wrinkles faces you.

With a fixed gaze he looks you deep in the eyes and says nothing.


Your phone is still ringing. You stare alternates between the gun and his face.


After a sense of eternity, he starts with a growling voice.


"Hello - hang up. Now.”

You do what he tells you.


I’ll ask you one question now. If you convince me, you stay alive. If you ask me a question, you die. Here and now. Is that clear to you?”


You nod.


"Have you made the best out of your life?"



Change your life in 32 days.

A lot of people want to start over, especially when a new year begins. But often life intervenes and you forget about it. Maybe next year... that’s what you often think. Sound familiar?

The reasons for not starting over are different. A lack of confidence, a lack of a clear plan you name it.

It doesn’t have to be like that. The time is always right to start new and sustain change in your life — to create the life you love.

I walk you through your new plan to create a new life plan step by step. Just follow along.

What if it works? Maybe that’s the last piece you need to thrive.

If you are sick of your old life and deserve a better one, this proven email course is right for you. It will help you overcome resistance and flourish in work, relationships and health.

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