Only authentic leaders will shape
future business world.

Master the essential skills to shine.

Leadership has many faces

Build better teams

Create solution-oriented teams
So that every employee cares like you do.

Create more revenue

Learn to focus your energy on what really matters.
Repeat it to maximize your ROI.

Become more successful

As a leader and a company.
People will love working for you.

Are you trusted as a leader? Are you getting the desired job promotion? Do you feel not reaching your goals as a leader? Has life often taken too much of your time? 

Have you then thrown your visions overboard and decided with a deep sigh to try again next year? Or do you feel that you are capable of more if you only had the kind of coaching that unleashes your full potential?

"People deserve to work for a great leader."

A proven plan that works ...


Discover who you are and how you function. This is blocking your path at the moment.


Prioritize what is going to make the biggest impact for your success.


Work with a tailored plan that is designed to bring you long-term success.

It´s that simple.

Gain new skills as a leader

Clients of mine work for ...

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What clients say ...

Teamleader - Denni T.

Many sleepless nights, ...

After ten minutes I realized that I would not just get tips, but I was going to have an eye-opening chat.

Michael led the conversation with simple questions. The key was that he focused on me, not on the problem.

The whole conversation gave me a new perspective on my situation. This was the key to re-evaluating my situation and finding a way out of what seemed to be a roadblock.

Immediately after the first two coaching sessions and the resulting steps, I felt better physically and mentally. I am very happy with how things turned out. I am already looking forward to the next sessions.

Teamleader - Michael

The special thing about your coaching was the absolutely targeted work on solving the problem.

No digressing. No chatter. Absolutely efficient. This resulted in concrete improvements very quickly.

Thanks to the strategy we developed, I am better prepared to go into spontaneous discussions. In retrospect, the problem that I had now seems to me incredibly "small".

The solution was quite logical and the feeling at the moment I realized it was very liberating.

The tension and insecurity gave way to looseness and sovereignty.

Master of Science - Anna R.

Michael helped me out of a neutral role to consider my personal advantages and disadvantages and to put myself into possible future versions.  

This made it possible for me to filter out my key points.

It gave me the self-confidence I needed to put this into practice immediately.

I thank Michael for the very valuable coaching.

It´s easy for you working with us


We keep everything confidential.


We work with you over the phone, online or in person.


We work with your schedule. Just pick a time that works for you.

How we support you ...

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Become the leader
everybody trusts

Outstanding leaders are aware of the following ideas. Successful people are respected. People listen to them. Their word counts. People like to work for them and show their full commitment.

Discover how to be more profitable

It is to tear your hair out. And sleeping has also been more relaxing.

You want to achieve more profit again and have already tried some things. But the desired success does not occur.

Stay more innovative and a forward thinker

Would you like to invent new sources of income that will leave your competition behind?

When you think innovatively, you automatically develop new ideas.

You are making the
the difference.

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At ToBeOnTop we know that you want to be a great leader. In order to do that, you need a personal plan to help build the right skills and habits that build trust among those around you. The problem is you don't have this knowledge right now.

We believe people deserve to work for great leaders. We understand how frustrating it can feel to know you are a great leader, but not having the right tools and mindset to lead with ease. Which is why we developed a plan that helped both businesses and business leaders to shine.

So click on the button below and set up a free discovery session.

And in the meantime perform the Leadership-Assessment to start discovering insights about yourself. So you can stop dealing with the same problems over and over again and instead start to inspire others around you.

"By improving as a leader and company you're improving the life of those around you."

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"There are a lot of people who depend on you."

Stop making it harder for you than it has to be.
It doesn´t have do stay that way.

Welcome to your future - time well spent

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