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Have you ever read the book GRIT?


If not, you should.

Psychologist Angela Duckworth shows two things.


  1. Why passion and resilience are the secrets to success.
  2. Why most people fail to implement new habits.

The hard pill to swallow.

Most leaders don't care about their roles at all. That’s one of the reasons why employees don’t give their best.

Leadership is about caring. Caring for people and for your businesses. One wouldn’t be here without the other.

Sometimes it’s fun. Sometimes not. That´s the naked truth.


An opportunity to make a change.

If none of this “floats your boat” then do what most leaders do, ... nothing.

  1. You' re in the wrong place.
  2. This will automatically increase the chances for those who want to get ahead.


Frankly speaking.

Maybe it requires you to look in the mirror and ask yourself hard questions. You may be wondering why you should do this. Because you and what you do matters. 

There is a saying.

Hard questions – easy life. Easy questions – hard life.


Bad leadership kills companies.

And the funny thing is it would be so easy.

Employees are thirsty for great leadership. In reality, there are tons of low hanging fruits to pick.
It takes no brilliant foresight.


The tingling in your stomach is a good signal. Actually, this is a good signal. A signal you should lean into, not try to avoid.

It’s the only way forward if your desire is to be NOTICED.


Why most leaders still don’t care.

It’s easy to say: "I don’t have time."


But the possibility that this is true is pretty small. It’s more likely you don’t want to, or you are scared of what you are reading here at the moment. Because it raises the bar.

It’s the same feeling you had when you did things for the first time. Like learning to swim, or ride the bike. But in the end, you made it. In return, it opened up a new world for you.

It gave you freedom. The freedom to choose.


I’m sure you already showed great leadership. 

Here is the evidence.

Have you ever found a shortcut other didn’t?

Chances are high if your answer is YES.

Was it easy? Probably not. It’s never easy because sustainable solutions take time and require work.

Why did you do it anyway?

Because it mattered to you. 



You owe it to your employees and most important - to yourself.

At this point, you may be thinking,

“I don’t need to be told to change. I already know that.”


If you feel a little resistance right now - that's ok, because I'm not sugar-coating you here. That was the bad news.

Here's the good news.

The good news is, it's your daily choice what kind of leader you are.


I started 2b on Top to help and make change as easy as possible. I quickly realized that my subscribers and clients want more.

They want more than solid advice. They want honest advice, coaching, and feedback on what to do with the knowledge they already have.

Someone who speaks truthfully like a good friend.


Will you become a new leader overnight?

No. But you'll feel the benefit of these changes more and more every day. 


Is this for me?

First, ask yourself if you are willing to give up the hope of becoming a better leader overnight. You will not find that here. To promise something like this is dishonest. In fact, the desire to find a shortcut makes you weaker. Not stronger.

Many people simply aren’t willing to give up this dream. Everyone goes through this phase. If you realize yourself in that phase right now, don’t blame yourself. It’s not your mistake. 

Change takes time.



-- Michael

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