"Are you really getting the best

out of your negotiations?"

Winning the war is easy when you decode the opponent's thoughts. 

Negotiations with someone you know is easier than with someone you don’t know. 

Here is an easy way how you can turn every stranger into an open book.

Achieve what you really want faster and easier.

We already worked together?
Then you know how it works.

Shorten your negotiation time

Through a convenient text analysis in advance, you get important insights into the mind of your counterpart.

Negotiate more relaxed

By letting your negotiating partner's personality
work for you.

Negotiate more successfully

Because this precise preparation remains invisible to your negotiating partner.

Do you know the feeling when negotiations run round in circles? Are those kind of questions going through your mind?

"If I only I knew what he is thinking right now!"

Do you sometimes have the feeling that the other one is superior to you? Or are you disappointed because the negotiation training does not bring you the desired success?

Negotiating should be easy and not drag on forever like tough honey.

The good news is.

It's easier now.

"Your negotiations should always be like clockwork."

We'll help you.

How it works ...


Send us a personal message from your negotiating partner.

No names, no company names.
To ensure data protection.


Within 24 hours you will
receive the analysis.

You will then have important insights into the personality of your negotiating partner.


Use this important knowledge
to better perform.

If you understand how the other side thinks and what drives them, you can get the most out of it.

Others are using it already

Leading companies use our analysis to secure their strategic negotiations.

Negotiations we've already rescued.

What our customers are say ...


These analyses have now become standard for us. Since then, negotiations have become much more elegant and easier. Through personality analysis, we know how to address individuals. We have the feeling that there is much less friction between participants. The color pattern makes the whole thing easy to apply in practice.


In the beginning we honestly thought it was hot air. Meanwhile we are taught a better lesson. It makes our life much easier and you feel more secure because you can interpret the behavior of your counterpart significantly better.

Try it.


We keep everything confidential.


Send us a sample text from the other person.


Experience how you negotiate more easily with that person.

Why it works ...

Knowledge - Negotiate with ease

Simply better negotiating

Advice - Negotiate with ease

Here at ToBeOnTop we know how important it is for you to get the best deals. To achieve this, you need the right insights about your negotiating partner. The problem is that you don't have it in advance.

We know that negotiations can be much easier. We understand how annoying it can be when you don't get through negotiations or even end up leaving the table as a loser. That's why we have developed this approach, which has already helped many business partners to succeed.

Click on the button below and arrange a free consultation.

Today´s preparation is tomorrow´s success.

In preparation for our meeting, in the meantime, download our case study. This way you will immediately learn how personality analysis can help you in your negotiations. So that you stop worrying before negotiations and instead read your counterpart like an open book.

"Deal with the toughest personalities."

johnson wang 515995 unsplash - Negotiate with ease
Success - Negotiate with ease

"Read the people you are negotiating with in advance to make an advantage for you."

If you only rely on your negotiation techniques, you're wasting 50% potential.
Stop it and make it easier for you instead.
Spare your nerves and get more out of it for yourself.


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