Top negotiators love clarity and safety.

They never leave anything to chance.

Our clients are commercial enterprises, law firms, family offices, management consultancies, venture capital firms and insurance companies.

Gain strategic advantages.

When it comes to large assets, safety is the number one priority. Each percentage point can embody several millions.

Our customers appreciate our service very much. It provides you with peace of mind and confidence during negotiations.

Prices - fair and transparent

In order to safe time, we have developed packages that are adapted to the needs of our customers. Efficiency is very important for us.

What's included

For each query you will receive a personality profile in text form with graphics.

Delivery will be made within 24 hours after having received the text. You will receive a step by step guide about the detailed procedure with your order confirmation.


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Pay securely.

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Single Query

Ideal for important solitary negotiations.

499,00 €

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Package: 10 Queries

20% discount compared to single query

Ideal when several important single negotiations are conducted each year.

3990,00 €

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Custom Package

If you should have a higher demand, we will be happy to send you a tailored offer. Click here

Take your negotiation performance to the next level.

We support you.

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