"Everyone has the right to realize their full potential."

"If more information were the answer, we’d all be billionaires with 6 pack abs.”
- Derek Sivers

"Learn to see what other people miss."

If you're like most of my readers, you're probably an executive, a business owner, or a so-called high achiever. You want to make a difference and achieve great things with what you do. You are aware that it is best to start with yourself. You are not a chatterbox. You are a doer.


"But something's bothering you. Otherwise you wouldn't be here."

I founded TO BE ON TOP to improve the lives of people.

We all have enough knowledge.

The question is, what we do with it?


Connecting the Dots

This is about smart self-reflection Connecting the Dots. To reach the next level in your life. Find answers which will get you further on. Answers that help you as a person and in your business.

  • Sometimes it's about employees.
  • Sometimes it's about existential problems crying out for solutions.
  • Sometimes it's about private life.
  • Sometimes it's about habits you want to get rid of.

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Until you stretch your neck up in the Maslow Pyramid.

My definition of Leadership


My mission is to give you the clarity, courage, and tools you need to turn off all the noise around you and live with a clear focus and priorities instead.

  • Help leaders and businesses to be on top.
  • Help them to make better decisions, or overcome their limiting believes.
  • Give anyone who asked a supporting hand.

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About me

The topic of coaching and self-development has been with me for over ten years. Since 2017 I am a systemic coach.

I was educated by a very experienced psychologist, a therapist and a coach. Each one has over 25 years of experience in his or her profession.

People who know me well say that I´m very dedicated and a lateral thinker.

A non-disclosure agreement feels like playing the card game tabu. It could be so easy, but you are on a word diet.
But it's just fair if I tell you a bit more about me. I do this within the framework that I have legally at my disposal. 

I am currently working intensively on cooperations with start-ups and my own incubation project.  In my role as a board observer, I get very deep insights into the business processes of various kinds.

Unfortunately, I can't tell you anything about these exciting topics without being sued. You understand that.

After graduating with a diploma in mechanical engineering, I have been working for a major automobile manufacturer with a star since 2008. There I worked as a development engineer and Lean Management Coach.



Be honest with me. Sometimes you want to quit. In fact, you imagined it all differently. Now you suddenly find yourself in the sandwich position. On the one hand your employees, on the other your own boss.

But sometimes it's also your partner at home. If you are a CEO, you have different difficulties. But usually, it is shortage management. Too little time, budget, employees, or ideas.

Then there was the dream of your own shaping. Do you remember? A long breath is needed in any case.  Be patient, you might say to yourself. Then you see another job hopper who doesn't really deserve to get ahead.

With these and other topics, I am here for my clients. No matter whether you're a manager, in a corporate group or a start-up. We find a path. 

A path that will bring you back to the top. 

What you will find here

  • Fresh perspectives
  • Coaching for executives, business owners, high achievers
  • How to bring innovation into your business - and what you should avoid
  • Help with your business questions
  • Corporate development
  • Business model development
  • How to better lead negotiations

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